EXHIBITIONS Our exhibitions tell you the story about the life cycle of the Atlantic salmon and its wandering in the sea, threats to the wild salmon stocks and provide insight into salmon fishing throughout the ages. The centre give you also the story of the sports fishing aera in Lærdal, starting with the english lords game to the vally in 1850's and up to the present very popular salmon fishing in the Lærdal River every summer !

Salmon observatory

"At the bottom of the dump" - salmon and sea trout from the river

Watershed and hydropower development

Lærdal river – Salmon River and power producent

Atlantic ocean area

The salmon`s habitat-distribution and migration

The fairytell about the Atlantic Wild Salmon!

Spawning scene

Dry aquarium showing a group of salmon spawning

Growth in the river

Salmon through a three stadiums: Alevin, Fry, Parr, Smolt

Salmon and the men

Prehistory: Mythology, laws, and natural history

150 years hitory in fishing Equipment

His Majesty King Harald and the Queen "Lærdal River"

On the way home!

The MC was godd to have!

The Lærdal river

See the Lærdal River from a sky -perspective!
Experience the wild salmon up close
A memorable experience of the salmon world