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Foto: Linda Kvam Bjørkum

The contrast is big between the flat bottom of the valley and the steep mountains, in addition to the long fjord reaching into the green landscape. In other words, one can sincerely say that there is something very spectacular about the nature here in Lærdal.

The most important road between Bergen and Oslo has always gone through Lærdal, which has resulted in four parallel passages from different eras. The history of the passage goes all the way back to the Viking age: the Viking king Harald Hårfagre used it  when he traveled between Valdres and Voss, Olav the Holy on his mission in 1023 to christen Norway and King Sverre traveled with his “Birkebeinere” in 1177. Since that the road has developed from a path to a full standard road, including Lærdalstunnellen, the world’s longest car tunnel (24,5 km). Today the historical roads are popular hiking routs.


To read more about the attractions and offers in Lærdal, please open the “Welcome to Lærdal” brochure HER:  "Velkommen til Lærdal" 

Usefull pages:  www.sognefjord.no, www.laerdal.kommune.no  www.fjordnorge.no



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