Observatory with wild salmon from the river in Lærdal

See the wild salmon and the sea trout in our observatory - a 20 meter long salmon pool. You will be so close that you can almost touch the big, majestic salmon.

The fish you see in the pool have either made their own way into the observatory through the salmon ladder, or been captured and released into the pool. In spring (May and parts of June) it is possible to see salmon and sea trout that have survived the winter in the river.  During the summer months (June, July and August) the fish you can see have wandered from the fjord.

During the autumn, the fish are getting ready for the mating season. The female gets darker and the male gets a slightly red color. In the late autumn you can experience how the female acts during the spawning, how she digs in the river gravel while the male is chases away his “competitors.

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